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Raunds and East Northamptonshire is a community that has traditionally been embedded in footwear and farming. Over several generations, opportunities within these industries have declined as they have become increasingly mechanised or diversified and this has led to a change in the local employment structure. In turn, this for some, can result in a feeling of lack of opportunity and can manifest itself in low aspirations for young people and their parents.

The reality is that there are many new and emerging industries in Northamptonshire and our immediate surrounding area. Logistics, engineering (especially linked to the motor sport industries), retail and bespoke/craft food and drink production are all either well established or up and coming; thriving in the locality and ripe to provide formal and informal opportunities for ‘work’ both within and beyond school. When this is combined with outstanding transport links and several world-class universities within an hour of our school, there are huge opportunities to exploit in order to provide significant choice and raise aspirations for all.

Our core curriculum at Manor School ensures that developing an understanding of personal pathways and an entrepreneurial spirit is at the heart of what we do. As students develop they become aware of the links between education, work and the role of lifelong learning, and understand that people's skills are built up over time because of learning and experience.

Students will be required to be adaptable, agile and flexible in their skills and learning as they are unlikely to train for a job for life. Therefore, the work curriculum outlines four attributes students will develop to successfully transition through school, education and onto the world of work:

Developing self-awareness - Students increase their awareness of their strengths and interests and how they relate to others. They see themselves positively, demonstrating a hopeful picture of themselves in the future.

Exploring opportunities - Students explore adult roles in their communities and the range of occupations that contribute to the products and services people use in their daily lives and demonstrate optimism that they will do the same in the future.

Deciding and acting - Students develop transferable skills in research, goal setting, evaluating options and reaching decisions.

Transitions - Students become aware of the style and nature of transitions to KS4, KS5 and beyond and students are prepared for this transition.