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Spring Curriculum Day: Natural disasters, enterprise and much more

Students were out of lessons on Wednesday 24 March for the second Curriculum Day of this academic year. The day saw each year group participate in a variety of talks, workshops and projects related to a specific branch of Manor’s Work.World.Wellness. curriculum programme.

Year 7 – Work: Natural disasters

Year 7 spent the day looking at a variety of situations relating to natural disasters to help understand the demands of these events. This included designing and building a prototype bridge to reach and bring supplies to a cut-off community, developing mathematical models to predict the spread of disease through a population, and investigating methods to make cleaner water & produce electricity.

Year 8 – Work: Young Enterprise

Year 8 students took part in the Young Enterprise Launch Pad challenge, a fast-paced engaging enterprise challenge which provides an introduction to employability skills. Through a series of hands-on fun activities, students worked in teams on the early stages of launching a fledgling business, balancing a budget as well as creating a brand identity and marketing strategy. At the end of the day, students presented their business proposals and sought investment from their teachers.

Year 9 – Wellness: Wellbeing

Year 9 participated in a series of activities exploring how they can look after their physical and mental wellbeing. This included discussing how being online can affect mental health, taking part in breathing exercises, playing rounders, meditation, and learning how to apply a bandage. In the afternoon students then used the knowledge they had gained to design a wellbeing product or programme to help students.

Year 10 – Work: World of Work

Year 10 students were introduced to a variety of potential careers by attending workshops throughout the day. After an introductory session on post-16 pathways and employability skills, students then attended four workshops in areas that they were interested in. These included the Armed Forces, construction, creative and media, engineering, hair and beauty, health and medical, law and accountancy, police and fire, and sport.

Year 11 – World: Politics

Year 11 students learnt about what happens in a general election and the definitions of various political terms. They then heard from a number of guest speakers from different British political parties, where students had the opportunity to ask questions on the topics that matter most to them such as unitversity tuition fees. They went on to develop their own party and manifesto, spending the afternoon campaigning and voting in an election.

Years 12 & 13 – World: Preparing for life after Manor

The Sixth Form Executive selected three focus areas for Year 12 students to focus on for the day - gender inequality, isolation in a rural community and physical wellbeing. After discussing these three topics, students worked in teams to develop projects and activities to make a difference in these areas. At the end of the day they pitched their ideas to staff, with the best ones selected to be implemented in the near future.

Year 13 students attended workshops on student accommodation, budgeting, relationships, university life, career entry routes and cooking skills.