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Cashless Catering

The Dining Hall operates a cashless payment system which means there is no facility to pay for school meals with cash. Parents/carers can make online payments to their child’s cashless catering account using WisePay. If you have a Wisepay username and password please click on the WisePay logo below to access your account.

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This will then take you to the secure online payment pages where you can login and make a payment to your child’s account. Students who are registered for Free School Meals will have the value of the meal automatically added to their account each day.

You can also use WisePay to pay for school visits, music tuition and student transport as well as school meals. It is our aim to become a cashless school in the near future and we hope that you will help us to achieve this goal which we believe will benefit the whole of our school community.

If you are experiencing difficulty using the system then please try reading their help file. If that does not answer your question then please contact the Finance Department on 01933 623921 or via email at .