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Student Absence

At Manor School we aim for an environment which enables and encourages all members of the community to reach out for excellence. For our students to gain the greatest benefit from their education it is vital that they attend regularly and your child should be at school, on time, every day the school is open unless the reason for the absence is unavoidable. It is very important therefore that you make sure that your child attends regularly and the Attendance Policy sets out how together we will achieve this.

If your child is absent from school

Contact us as soon as possible on the first day of absence. This can be via main school reception on 01933 623921 or the direct line number to the attendance officer on 01933 627020.

Send a note in on the first day they return with an explanation of the absence – you must do this even if you have already telephoned us.

Or, if you need to speak with a member of staff, call in to reception.

Application for a leave of absence in term time

The Department for Education has announced important changes to legislation concerning absence in term time. From the 1st September 2013 the law gives no entitlement for parents to take their children on holiday during term time. Any application for leave can only be granted at the discretion of the Principal who must be satisfied that the circumstances are exceptional and warrant the granting of leave.

If the application for leave is not considered an exceptional circumstance and therefore is not granted, and parents remove their children from school during term time, a fixed penalty notice may be issued by the Northamptonshire Education and Inclusion Partnership Service. The fixed penalty tariff has been fixed by Northamptonshire County Council at £60 per parent/per child (two parents/two children = £240). This figure will be doubled if not paid in 21 days.

Northamptonshire County Council will be issuing fixed penalty notices in the following circumstances:

  • Where a child misses five consecutive school days that the school has not authorized
  • Where a child misses the equivalent of five school days in a six week period that are not authorized. This would include unauthorized lates after 9-15am which are classed as absence

This brings Northamptonshire in line with the majority of other local authorities.

Please note that student illness and medical appointments will, in the majority of cases, be authorised as we have done in the past, but we may ask for supporting evidence where appropriate.

If you wish to apply for leave for exceptional circumstances during term time please read and complete the application form.  This form should be returned to the Principal at Manor School Sports College.

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