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Remote learning

Wellness Week: 1-5 February 2021

Wellness Week is taking place from Monday 1 to Friday 5 February, and as part of our plans there will be no timetabled session 3 lessons. Instead, students are to join a short tutor time session at 1:55pm until approximately 2:15pm every day. The last hour of the day will then be dedicated to physical activity challenges. The challenges are as follows:

Monday Plank challenge, socks & hats, flip ups 
Tuesday Tea bag throw, balance towers, fuit & veg jump
Wednesday Stairmaster, wall sit and reach, alphabetti spaghetti
Thursday Burpee country, circle press ups, spelling bee squat jumps
Friday The end of the show task

Students will find out what each challenge involves in the daily tutor sessions. They should download and complete the following table to record how many points they score for each of the challenges, before totalling up their scores at the end of the week.


Weekly assemblies will be made available to watch via the links below.
5 February 2021: Wellness Week Day 5 - the video mentioned can be watched by clicking here.

Remote education strategy

We are continuing to review and refine our practices around remote education to ensure that we can have the biggest impact on student learning. Our remote education strategy document pulls together all of the principles behind our strategy and links to lots of the guidance and information already published. There isn’t anything new in this document beyond what has already been shared but it may be an interesting read for parents/carers who are hoping to understand the rationale behind our protocols in more detail.

To help students look after their body and mind whilst working online, we recommend they follow the tips in the following document:

Remote learning project tasks

While the majority of the school is open, lessons are delivered live in person as per a normal school routine. Students who are isolating or experiencing symptoms are able to access learning in one of three ways:

  • Independent project-based work on the first day of absence
  • Joining the live lesson via Microsoft Teams with the class teacher inviting the student
  • Pre-recorded content and accompanying deliberate practice tasks shared via Microsoft Teams where it is not appropriate to join the lesson live

The following tasks are to be used for the first learning mode listed above. They may also be used in the event of teacher absence due to isolation or themselves experiencing symptoms.

Students may need to access their Manor Office365 email account or Microsoft Teams. To do this, visit and sign in with your user details. Usernames are firstname, surname and year of entry, followed by (for example ). Passwords can be reset by asking a parent/carer to contact

Year 7 tasks

Year 8 tasks

Year 9 tasks

Year 10 tasks

Year 11 tasks


Archived home learning tasks and resources from March-July 2020 can be accessed via the following pages: