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Key Stage 4 Subjects

Art & Design

The course encourages an adventurous and enquiring approach to art and design allowing students to produce personal responses that embrace a range of ideas. The study and understanding of past and contemporary art as a means of informing and influencing their work is an important aspect of the course.
There are two parts to the course, Unit 1 and Unit 2.
Unit 1 – A portfolio of work accounting for 60% of the overall award.
This portfolio is selected from work undertaken during the course of study and must include more than one project.  Students complete a range of skills-based activities centered around a theme. They are introduced to the assessment objectives and through the introductory project develop their understanding of the requirements before embarking on more independent work.
Students are given a list of possible starting points to choose from.  In working through their personal project, students continue to develop their skills and understanding at a deeper level. They should be working at their maximum potential to explore a range of imaginative ideas, use appropriate materials, record from primary and contextual sources, develop and refine their visual and analytical skills, research and investigate ideas and media techniques, integrate contextual references and their developing work, review and critically evaluate their progress, and produce and present an outcome.
Unit 2 – An externally set task accounting for 40% of the overall award.
Students respond to their chosen starting point. An eight week preparation period is followed by ten hours of sustained focused study over 2 days under exam conditions. This takes place during Year 11.
For more information about Art & Design at Manor School please contact the Curriculum Lead for Art & Design Mr B Cousins ().
Please follow the link below to access the full specifications for Art and Design on the awarding body website:
The BBC Bitesize revision website has a range of activities and test materials for GCSE subjects. The link below will take you to the GCSE subject page for Art and Design where you can choose a topic to revise: