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Key Stage 4 Subjects


At Key Stage 4 students follow the AQA GCSE Dance course which allows them to develop an understanding and appreciation for dance as well as practical skills. The course is split into development of skills through dance technique, choreographic tasks and an understanding of the dance anthology. The course aims to cover a range of dance styles and gives students opportunities to develop their ability in areas they may not have experienced before. The course is 60% practical with 40% theory, complementing an understanding of the subject. Students study six professional dance works through practical exploration and theoretical tasks. Assessment of the course is completed through controlled assessment with a written exam at the end of the course.

Component 1: Performance (30%)

Students will need to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of performance by responding to short answer questions in the exam.

Students must develop and apply the knowledge, understanding and skills required to perform dance as a soloist and in a duet/trio.

Component 2: Choreography (30%)

Students must learn how to respond creatively to an externally set stimulus. They must know, understand and be able to use the following choreographic processes, including:

  • research
  • improvisation
  • selection
  • development
  • structuring
  • refining and synthesising ideas.

Component 3: Dance Appreciation (40%)

Students learn how to critically appreciate their own and professional work, by making analytical, interpretive and evaluative judgments.

The GCSE Dance anthology consists of six short professional dance works, of between 10 and 30 minutes duration, choreographed by established and emerging artists in a range of styles and style fusions.

For more information about Dance at Manor School please contact the Curriculum Lead for Creative Studies Miss M Barron ().

Please follow the link below to access the full specifications for Dance on the awarding body website:

Full Specifications for Dance