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Key Stage 4 Subjects

Design & Technology

The range of GCSE Design and Technology courses at Manor School consists of Graphic Products, Resistant Materials and Food Preparation & Nutrition.

Food Preparation and Nutrition

Food Technology allows students to demonstrate their creativity when making food products as well as to gain an understanding of food science and nutrition. Key commodities within our diet are studied, along with the importance of the nutrients found in the commodity. Commodities include fruit and vegetables, dairy and meat. Experimentation focuses on why ingredients are used, or not used, in recipes, and why changes occur within food with emphasis on how we can control the changes. When designing, students are expected to use a wide range of skills, working towards the final assessment where students will produce three products in three hours. Assessment is 50% practical non-examination assessment with a written element to support the practical work, and 50% examination.

Graphic Products

Graphic Products enables students to develop products using a range of graphic and modelling materials and new technologies.

Resistant Materials

Resistant Materials is the design and making of products using a range of materials such as wood, metals and plastics. Students are encouraged to incorporate new technologies in the production of their products.

For all courses students are encouraged to design and make products with creativity and originality using a range of appropriate materials and processes. Through the examination of everyday products they will acquire a working knowledge of materials and processes along with an understanding of new technologies, sustainability and environmental issues.

Resistant Materials and Graphics courses follow the same two unit format.

Unit 1 (Theory)

This covers three sections – Materials and Components, Design and Market Influences and Processes and Manufacture.

Unit 2 (Design and Make Controlled Assessment Task)

This is a portfolio of work based upon a context and design brief set by the examination board. Students work through the design process examining the topic through structured research and analysis. From this, ideas are produced, developed, modeled through different media (including Computer Aided Design), planned and manufactured from selected materials. Students are required to test and evaluate their work with a client/user and against a brief. The portfolio is expected to be completed within approximately 25 A3 papers and should take approximately 45 hours.

For more information about Technology please contact the Curriculum Lead for Technology Mr B. Cousins ().

Please follow the links below to access the full specifications for each subject on the awarding body websites:
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The BBC Bitesize revision website has a range of activities and test materials for GCSE subjects. The link below will take you to the GCSE subject selection page where you can select the technology qualification to revise for:
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