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Spring Curriculum Day: Careers, exam preparation and much more

Students were out of lessons on Wednesday 26 February for the second Curriculum Day of this academic year. The day saw each year group participate in a variety of talks, workshops and projects related to a specific branch of Manor’s Work.World.Wellness. curriculum programme.

Year 7 – Work: Natural disasters

Year 7 spent the day looking at a variety of situations relating to natural disasters to help understand the demands of these events. This included designing and building a prototype bridge to reach and bring supplies to a cut-off community, developing mathematical models to predict the spread of disease through a population, and investigating methods to make cleaner water & produce electricity.

Year 8 – Work: World of work

Year 8 students were introduced to a variety of potential careers by attending workshops throughout the morning. Guest speakers included representatives from the National Grid, Kettering General Hospital and Northants Police. They then spent the afternoon playing the Real Game, where students role played as adults in occupational roles to explore budgeting and career-making decisions.

Year 9 – Wellness: Prison! Me! No way!

Year 9 attended workshops hosted by "Prison! Me! No Way!" who help young people to understand consequences of risky behaviour, make better choices & stay safe. This included hearing someone’s experiences, role playing a magistrates court, receiving road safety advice, finding out about county lines, learning about prison life and receiving first aid training from the British Red Cross.

Year 10 – Wellness: Healthy lifestyles and first aid

Year 10 gained knowledge and experience in sporting wellness by identifying the process athletes go through when injury occurs and how they get back to their level of training. As part of this students participated in workshops on injury prevention, types of fractures and dislocations, injury management and recovery.

Year 11 – Wellness: Ace your exams

Year 11 students spent the day completing Elevate Education's "Ace your exams" programme which involved a variety of exam preparation tasks looking at time allocation/pressure and stress management. There was a session in the LRC with one of the fantastic Elevate coaches as well as classroom workshops looking at revision techniques/effective preparation and a wellbeing session in the hall with the school's mindfulness consultant Amy Bradshaw.

Years 12 & 13 – World: Enrichment and cooking on a budget

Our sixth formers focused on the impact that they can have on the school community through counselling and supporting students in lessons. They also explored food production and waste, as well as cooking a meal on a budget of 50p per person. In the afternoon they discussed ideas to help with their wellbeing.