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Eco-Schools Committee make the most of lockdown

Eco-Schools is a global programme which engages 19.5 million children across 67 countries, with the aim of raising awareness and improving local communities. One of the three aims of the Eco-Schools team at Manor School is reducing litter, and so the team has used lockdown to organise a community litter pick, with their efforts being featured on the Northants Telegraph’s website. The team’s other aims are increasing biodiversity (which has seen them making insect houses) and making more connections around the world.

The Eco-Schools’ aims fit directly into the school’s Work World Wellness ethos and curriculum to help ensure that students are happy, healthy, employable and have a positive view of the world by improving our environments, mental wellbeing, and allowing students to practice new skills.

Students Libby B, Luke F and Lara N (members of the Eco-Schools Committee) have written the piece below to explain what Eco-Schools means to them:

Manor School Sports College is part of a massive environmental family with other schools called Eco- Schools. The Eco-Schools program is an ideal way for schools to embark on a meaningful adventure towards improving the environment. Schools across the globe have been taking action, and we can too. Manor School has been working towards earning the Green Flag award and making change for the better. 

The main thing that the Manor Eco Team wants to achieve in the future is to make a difference so that things will be better for everyone and everything. We want to focus on three main areas to begin with, but in the future we hope to expand this so we can help with other things that the planet is struggling with. We also have ideas that can help these things improve like raising money so we can make better things happen for wildlife, recycling old materials and reducing waste. One of the many ideas we have had is for students to bring reusable Tupperware for the pasta queue, so it reduces our plastic waste and helps to stop our school using single-use plastics. 

The three areas that we are focusing on to begin with are biodiversity, waste and litter. One of the main areas we want to focus on with these is the canteen, as there are so many single-use products and litter. We also want to protect different species of animals and our environment. If we can’t get rid of plastic, we want to at least make sure it is all recyclable, but we would use alternatives as well.  

The students are incredibly passionate about making Eco-Schools a success, and will be looking for your support and enthusiasm over the coming months and years. If you would like to be involved, please do get in contact!