We run a full programme of lunchtime and after school clubs from sporting and musical activities to STEM and scholarly studies. Although extra-curricular activities are optional, we strongly encourage all students to enrich their school day with an additional interest and we are always open to ideas about new clubs from students.

As our Key Stage 4 and 5 students approach their external exams we also provide a comprehensive timetable of revision and support sessions.

Learning outside the classroom plays an important role in the education of well rounded students. Each year students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of trips and visit. Locally students visit local attractions and heritage sites and proudly participate in community events representing their school. Beyond our local area students visit theatres, sporting venues, national events and internationally students have the opportunities to join language visits, sports tours, music and dance tours and cultural exchanges.

Current enrichment activities – contact the relevant teachers for more information.



Monday lunch time

  • Year 9 band – Miss Barron/Miss Bishop
  • Year 10 Band – Miss Barron/Miss Bishop
  • Inclusive sports and games – Mr Sturgess/Mr Amadi
Monday after school
  • Y10 Tech & 3D Design – Mr Cousins
  • KS3 Fine Art – Miss McDowell
  • KS3 Dance club – Mrs Howes/Miss Pell
  • KS3 Drama – Mr McGuiness
  • Orchestra – Miss Barron/Miss Bishop
  • KS3 Boys Football – Mr Amadi/Mr Parker
  • Y9-11 Badminton – Miss Pell

Tuesday lunch time

  • Basketball – Mrs Jenkins/Mrs Rate
Tuesday after school
  • KS4 Graphics Booster – Mr Jefferey
  • KS3 STEM Club – Mr Parkin/Mrs Towers/Mrs Wilford
  • Health & Social Booster (invite only) – Mrs Ireland
  • KS3 Drama – Mr McGuiness
  • KS3 Music – Miss Barron/Miss Bishop
  • GCSE Music Booster – Miss Barron/Miss Bishop
  • Pop/Rock/Tech Music – Miss Barron/Miss Bishop
  • Choir – Miss Barron/Miss Bishop
  • Netball – Mrs Rate/Mrs Jenkins
  • KS4 Boys Football – Mr Sturgess/Mr Bhangal
  • Y11 Business revision – Miss Collier/Mr Skeggs

Wednesday lunch time

  • Small ensembles – Miss Barron/Miss Bishop
  • KS3 Music drop-in – Miss Barron/Miss Bishop
  • Musicals – Miss Barron/Miss Bishop
  • KS5 active time – Miss Hustwait
Wednesday after school
  • Sinfonia – Miss Barron/Miss Bishop
  • Y7/8 Badminton – Mr Amadi
  • Handball – Mr Parker
  • Oxford computing challenge (invite only) – Mr Rohit
  • Y11 Computer science revision (from 9 Feb) – Mr Rohit

Thursday lunch time

  • Small music ensembles – Miss Barron/Miss Bishop
  • KS3 Music drop-in – Miss Barron/Miss Bishop
  • Volleyball – Miss Hustwait/Mr Amadi
Thursday after school
  • Embroidery – Mrs Harman
  • Product Design Booster (invite only) – Mr Parkin
  • Nature Trail Products – Mr Jefferey
  • Little Big Band – Miss Barron/Miss Bishop
  • Year 11 Music – Miss Barron/Miss Bishop
  • KS4/KS5 Dance Company – Mrs Howes/Miss Pell
  • KS4/KS5 Drama Workshops – Mr McGuiness
  • Girls Football – Miss Hustwait
  • KS3 Rugby – Mr Parker/Mr Kellingray

Friday lunch time

  • Japanese Club – Mrs Thompson
  • KS3 Music – Miss Barron/Miss Bishop
  • KS4 Basketball – Miss Hustwait/Mrs Jenkins
Friday after school
  • KS4 & KS5 Fine Art Club – Miss McDowell
  • Basketball – Titans coach/Mr Mitchell-Bunce
  • Hockey – Miss Hustwait/Miss Pell
  • Esports – Mrs Reece