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Extra Curricular Timetable

Term 5 April-May 2021

PE extra-curricular clubs are starting on Monday 12 April.

Term 5 PE clubs

The procedure:

  • Should students wish to attend one of the clubs on their allocated evening, they must wait in their outdoor pod area for a member of the PE team to come and collect them.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that parents/carers are informed of attendance. There will be no requirement to ‘sign up’ in advance.
  • All teachers will have a radio and personal phones on them should there be a need to contact them from main reception.
  • All covid secure procedures must continue to be adhered to related to distancing, hand washing/sanitising, and equipment sanitising.
  • All school expectations regarding behaviour are to be adhered to at all times; should behaviour be deemed inappropriate the student will be asked to be escorted to the school gate and not participate any further.
  • Each member of staff will take a register via the app for each of their activities, as well as keep a paper record of attendance.
  • Students must not leave the area until escorted off site by their teacher.
  • Students are strongly advised to bring shin pads and a gum shield for hockey; any personal equipment such as own sticks or football boots are the students responsibility throughout the school day.
  • Students do not come to school in their PE kit if they don’t already have PE during the day; changing space will be available should it be needed.
  • All clubs will finish by 4.30pm.