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Art, Design and Health & Social

KS3 Curriculum

We would like to welcome Key Stage 3 students to our exciting, creative and technical curriculum. During the course of Years 7 & 8 students will complete a twenty-week rotation in each of the following specialised areas of Art and Design. This will include Fine Art, Food & Nutrition, Graphic products (with a computer aided design and manufacture influence) and Resistant materials. The projects students will complete enable them to gain valuable life skills and produce outcomes of excellence. Within Year 9, students will be prepared for the transition into GSCE. They will complete two shorter rotations in each of the above specialised areas in preparation for their GCSE choices.

KS4 Curriculum

GCSE Product Design

This is an exciting opportunity to further develop and build upon the skills previously learnt during the Key Stage 3 curriculum. Students will have the opportunity to work with a range of materials and techniques to develop innovative products.

GCSE Art – Fine Art

The fine art course allows students to develop creativity while exploring, developing and experimenting with concepts, imagination and ideas through a range of media, techniques and processes.

GCSE Art – 3D

This stimulating art course allows students to express their creativity and ideas through a three-dimensional route. Students have the opportunity to experiment and sculpt using a range of different materials and techniques to create works of three-dimensional art.

GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition

This exciting course allows students to enhance their skills with more complex and advanced food preparation techniques whilst building on their knowledge to make healthy lifestyle choices.

BTEC TECH Level 2 Health & Social Care

With 3 million people working in the Health and Social Care sector, this course gives learners an opportunity to demonstrate empathy and humanity through learning about care values and the types of services and support that is offered in the local community. Students will develop skills and understanding of the four areas of human development while measuring and interpreting data about physiological health to design a care plan that will allow them to analyse and improve health and wellbeing. 

KS5 Curriculum

Product Design

Students will embark on a journey of discovery in to the multi-faceted world of Design & Manufacturing. The course covers the varied aspects of theoretical knowledge required and continues to enhance students’ practical skills in the field of designing and manufacturing. Students will make use of a range of constructional materials and techniques as they work to design and make real world products.

The Product Design course is an ideal starting point for those students interested in pursuing a career within this exciting and challenge field and will help to prepare them for entering the work force directly or to continue their studies at University or college.

Level 3 Food Science & Nutrition

This highly vocational subject encourages students to apply their knowledge to real world nutritional and food science issues. Students will continue to enhance their food practical and presentation skills.  This course allows students to prepare for a wide range of further study courses and work opportunities.

A Level Art & Design – Fine Art

The fine art course builds upon the skills and techniques developed during GCSE. Students are required to work with greater independence as they continue to nurture their creative journey, in preparation for further study or employment within the art and design world.

BTEC NATIONAL Level 3 Health & Social Care

Students cover physical, intellectual, emotional and social development across the human lifespan, and learn about the different roles, responsibilities and values of those working in the sector. Students develop key transferable skills and knowledge such as self-evaluation and research skills. When you have completed this qualification, you will have developed a practical understanding of the health and social care sector and prepare you for further study.