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At Manor School we firmly believe that a school uniform helps to instil pride, supports positive behaviour and discipline, and encourages identity with the school and its underlying ethos. It ensures all students of all backgrounds feel welcome and protects them from social pressures to dress in a particular way. To this end we expect students to wear their uniform at all times to and from school and when in school unless specific advice is given otherwise.

Blazers and ties must be worn by students at all times to school and in school. Specific permission may be given to remove blazers once at school (e.g. hot weather). During lessons blazers may be removed but must be worn to leave the class.

Ties must be tied in a proper knot at the neck and be worn so that no buttons are showing on the shirt and the bottom of the tie must sit at the top of the waistband. 

Shirts must be buttoned fully.

School uniform is supplied by Karlsports. Orders can be made via the link below:

Karlsports uniform

Please contact the school should you require further details about uniform on 01933 623921.


Post-16 students are expected to come to school in smart, professional clothing and footwear. Clothing should be appropriate for a working day at school and to a standard which would be acceptable in a business environment. Outdoor clothing is not permitted inside school buildings.

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