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Key Stage 3 Assessment

Assessment and effective feedback are two crucial elements of successful teaching and learning. As a result of research conducted here at Manor, combined with research from across education, we have made some key changes to the way that we assess student progress and provide feedback.

We have published ‘expected standards’ for each subject. The standards outline the knowledge, skills and understanding that we expect students to acquire in order to achieve a good pass at GCSE, or an equivalent qualification, at the end of Key Stage 4. Students are provided with copies of these standards during their learning and they will be stuck into books at the start of each new phase of learning. Exercise books are an important part of the system as they will be the record of next steps through formative ‘orange sheets’.

Formative Assessment

Formative assessment activities are designed to identify strengths and inform the next steps that students will take to continue making progress. These include a range of low stakes quizzes, self and peer assessment tasks, verbal feedback, homework tasks and a dialogue between student and teacher focusing on progress.

Summative Assessment

We use in-class tests as a way of measuring progress in a subject since the beginning of Key Stage 3. Students complete three formal summative assessments per subject, per year. These tests are marked by teachers and give an indicator of current progress. Parents/Carers are informed of progress on these summative assessments through reports throughout the year.

We hope the changes will help to increase the good progress already being made by students at Manor School. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the relevant tutor or Curriculum Lead, or, for more general queries about the process of assessment and reporting at Manor School, Mr M Hurren, Assistant Principal ().